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For our special guests who will be spending the night at our Kingdom, we offer “cage-less” sleepovers. Our play areas will be converted into overnight suites. Raised beds and hypo-allergenic pillows are a sure way for them to drift off to sleep after being tuckered out from the day’s activities. Private suites are also available.

For those wishing to use our “cage-less” sleepovers only, we ask them to attend a minimum of one daycare sessions before staying overnight with us. We want your pooch to be comfortable and safe in our environment. This is a good way for your furry child to acclimate to our friendly atmosphere.

    Bringing your furry family member to the Kingdom will:
  • Give them a full-day of fun and healthy exercise.
  • Eliminate boredom and loneliness.
  • Improve your doggy’s socialization skills.
  • Minimize damage to your home. Great way for them to be out of the house if you are fixing/remodeling the home.
  • Will help them relax and sleep better with our “cage-less” sleepovers.
  • Be your pooch’s “home away from home!”

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